Dried up poop particulates on butt hairs.. I.E butt crust, poopy hair
Mike went to the bathroom, didn't wipe all the way and got crusty poop butt.
by Disel2013 March 26, 2017
Crust and stains left in a toilet after flushing. They resemble wet bread bits.
Oh you crackhead, you left poop crusties in the can.
by SPLOOGERIFIC April 6, 2006
Dried bits of poo left on and around the butthole, formed as a direct result of waiting to long to wipe. Aforementioned "crusties" generally begin to form 10 or more minutes after final defecation (a.k.a. grand finale) has occurred.

Note: Flatulence exacerbates said condition as it tends to promote drying. Drying time dependent on velocity of flatulence, body temperature, external humidity, and PSI.
"Kind sir, I seem to have run out of TP. Could you assist me before I develop poop crusties"

"The recent Polly Shore article in the Times caused me to loose track of time, the result was a great deal of uncomfortable poop crusties."

This florida humidity is awesome, 30 minutes and still no poop crusties.
by Shouse March 20, 2008