The gooey buildup of sweat, baby powder & dead skin that accumulates on/around a person's genitals after going without bathing for an extended period of time.
I tried to give him/her some head, but all the crotch paste grossed me out
by Kommissar August 24, 2021
Underwear that is so old and holey. It has formed a natural lace.
Crotch lace. It starts out as normal underwear and rota into lace.
by Dr.KenBarlow June 7, 2022
When you pull baggy shorts up too high and the fabric over your crotch drapes like curtains.
"Did you see how far Steph Curry pulled his shorts up?"

"Yeah,definitely gave him curtain crotch."

crotch curtains
by iamamazing125 March 14, 2016
The process of placing a cell phone between one's legs to conceal texting and other restricted cell phone activities.
Stacy was asked, "is Lisa texting? Stacy replied, "No, Lisa is not crotch ottering."
by Jaymic February 5, 2015