When in prison, someone turns you in for an offense (either real or fictional) in order to get you put in seg (administrative segregation). Usually done as an act of retribution.
Michele fucked Patty's bitch and Patty found out, so Michele knew a cross out by Patty or one her friends was coming that could land her in seg for 60 days.
by varsol blue July 20, 2015
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In graffiti, a writer crosses out or paints over another writer's work. This is often done to declare that one writer is more talented or more up than the one being crossed-out. Good graff crews do this to claim territory or beef with a toy crew. It's necessary.
Dumb Toy 1: I can't hit that wall!
Dumb Toy 2: Why?
Dumb Toy 1: Because I'm a toy and someone will cross-out my name!
by blind206 November 14, 2006
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to remove someone/something from a list, such as a high-score list in video games. the slang form is when one graffiti artist crosses the name of another competing artist off of a wall. in slang, it is not uncommon for the term to also be used in situations other than spraypainting.
"who won the mc battle?" "the dude with the braids, he crossed all'them other fools out!"

"pass me that ps2 controller, I'm about to cross you out!...and get me a soda bitch"
by the amazing hobo September 15, 2004
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When you're so cross faded, that you don't know if you're too drunk or too high.
Yo sean, did you black out or green out?

I'm not sure bro, I think I'm crossing out
by BigPapi6969123 March 31, 2019
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The opposite of department-cest. Dating/fucking someone outside your academic department. Usually applied in reference to graduate students.

From the genetics term "outcross" referring to a mating between individuals from two different linages or populations.
Damn, you have screwed every chick in the department aside from your officemates! Time for a departmental out-cross!
by Mike4587 December 01, 2010
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