Charlotte N.C. artist, co-creator of horrorcore acts The Creepy Crew, and The FrankenRhymes, as well as the experimental industrail hip-hop act The Putrid Pattern, and he is the front man of the rock band Streifte Geist.

It's rumored that Croll has taken part in cannibal rituals with his fellow band mates. It is also rumored that Croll worship's Satan, and is possessed by numerous demons.
"Someone who used to live with Croll said he keeps some disturbing things in the refrigerator."

"I wish Croll was my boyfriend."

"I wonder if Croll still hates me."
by Soozie April 20, 2008
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1. To bake a roll seasoned with cum
2. To eat, taste, devour a croll with absolute lust.

1. Roll seasoned with cum.
2. Preferred nutritional intake of D-grade cyclists
eg. "Man this ride has been tough, luckily I've been crolling since we left Black Rock.
by kkhoer7 November 09, 2010
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