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Ahh the ilusive Mr Crofts or "Crofty-Leprechaunus" is an interesting creature with a beard of fire which he refuses to shed even to raise money for cancer (you would think having a pot of gold would make him generous wouldnt you) Crofty takes every opper-"tunety" to visit Ms. Browne's or "Brownious-Arteacherous" tutor room and try and work his magical irish jig on her. Crofty-Leprechaunus can be seen in full bloom (or redness)when he is denied something that he clearly and obviously wants Eg, Ms Browne or the position of acting head of house)
Crofty's favorite expression is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NO which he uses almost as much as his right hand.
Student:"Hey Crofty i'll give you 100kg of potatos for that pot of gold"


Studednt: I'll throw in a pic of Ms Browne!

Crofty:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE See me after Class.
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the ultimate in gay, short, beard-of-fire wearing science teachers and the bane of hairdressers the world over. often found trying to ingratiate himself with certain female members of staff *cough* ms browne *cough* and trying to elevate himself to a position of power. sadly lacks any social skills and witty speech beyond "AHHHH, no." bears an uncanny resemblance to a leprechaun.
geez crofty is a silly little leprechaun. damn i hate him.
by Seamus O'Hannigan July 29, 2004
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1) The state of being insanely good at gymnastics....and jumping on shit. (like Lara Croft)

2) Having insanely huge tits making one wonder how this bitch walks so straight. (also like Lara Croft)

3) Using the word "insanely," an insane amount of times while making an Urban Dictionary list of what something means.

4) What Harry Potter would sound like saying the word "crafty."

5) People who make sex noises when they jump.

1) anonymous bystander - "Wow...your pretty crofty."

Gymnast - "Thanx, I've been playing Tomb Raider 8 hours a day."

2) "Damn...I could build a house an take a nice little vacation in her crofty dirty pillows"

3) "Why are you making that crofty Urban Dictionary list? Don't you have a life?"

4) "Hermionie your so crofty."

5) dude #1 - "She's a pretty crofty jumper."

dude #2 - "Yeah, whatta slut."
by definatelynotbryan August 06, 2008
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Any person that likes to laze about in a shady, preferrably underground area, avoids the sun and is generally awesome.
"Why is that kid sitting under an umbrella? It's a beuatiful day out!"
"Dude, he's a Crofty, it's what he does."
by Goilak February 19, 2009
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