the act of yanking a female's tampon from her vagina and slapping her upon the face with it, leaving a crimson mark.
That bitch tried to talk back to me last night, so I gave her a crimson king.
by slothboyck October 16, 2004
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This happens when a bitch is on her rag and tries to tell you what's up. You then take her, hold her down, and ram 4 fingers into her pussy. Her kicking and screaming will only benefit you in the end. After pounding her severely, rip out your hand and smack her face immediately. The bitch'll have a crimson outline of your hand square on her cheek.
I was done with all that whore's PMS bullshit, so I did the only honorable thing and gave that bitch a crimson king.

Damn, that bitch looks like Wilson from Castaway! Tom Hanks gave her a fuckin good crimson king.
by slothboyck October 16, 2006
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The 2nd God of Stephen kings verse or dark tower born from the crimson queen who's true form isn't shown we have only seen avatars that he uses to interact with the tower
He's also theorized to be Pennywise but it's only a theory
All hail the crimson king
God of discordia
by The one who solos May 17, 2022
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A King Crimson moment is where times seems to be erased
*Goes to bed at 8:10*
*closes eyes for what feels like a second*
*opens eyes and it's now 8:20*
"I just got King Crimsoned"
by the ramble man September 24, 2019
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Progressive rock band led by guitar/Mellotron virtuoso Robert Fripp. Stretched both the language and structure of rock into the realms of jazz and classical, while avoiding pop and psychedelic sensibilities.
The absense of mainstream compromises and lack of an overt sense of humour lead to their downfall.
King Crimson are one of the more defiant progressive rock bands to come out of the 1960's. Others include Pink Floyd, Yes and The Soft Machine.
by Aqualung March 13, 2005
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When referring to something that usualy makes no sense at all, it usually means its a king crimson.
Guy 1: No, he erases time you see he-
Guy 2: dude, King Crimson makes no fucking sense stop trying to explain it.
by [Golden Experience] February 28, 2018
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One of the few truly "unique" bands out there. King Crimson has a darker tone than most other progressive rock bands from the 70's/ 80's, and their style is almost unlike any other band before them or since. Featuring some truly mesmerizing and wildly creative guitar riffs (thanks to the amazing lead guitarist Robert Fripp), dark and unusual yet not overly pretentious lyrics, and a whole string of different influences ranging from jazz to classical music, King Crimson is the definition of Progressive Rock. They're still releasing new albums to this day, but the only remaining member from the original lineup is lead guitarist Robert Fripp.
by KnuxMAGIC June 7, 2005
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