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Derogatory term for “Chochawich is Spanish for pussy.
"A esa le apesta la crica!"
That girls pussy stinks!
by Sando May 16, 2004
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The Spanish equivalent of Cunt. Is also commonly used as an exclamation of frustration.
Oye que Crica!
by Fromdaashes87 December 19, 2015
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A críca is a Spanish word used for a specific body part penis, vagina, other. It's used when you don't want people around you to know what your talking about, so you can keep your business secret.
Hey guys I might not come to the party tonight because my críca is a bit infected.

I really need to shave my críca tonight!
by Imaquack February 27, 2017
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In Spanish, slang or vernacular term for 'pussy,' but intended to derogate, ridicule, or for conversational impact. Choca is the more conversational and contemporary or casual term.
"That bitch is such a fuckin crica;" as opposed to "You're such a silly choca."
by kimby1 March 31, 2016
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