'to cregg'
this is the moment in which an individual's stonage (see marijuana) is at a peak. At this point a person will be known to subconciously wander into another world then sharply return to reality, sometimes in a fit of laughter.
often other creggers will notice a cregger cregging, this can result in hiliarious consequenses
Kit is slowly slipping into a cregg
Tucker notices and shouts 'kit you cregger!'
to which Kit cannot reply because he is locked in a cregg.
meanwhile Thomas creggs in the corner.
everyone then realises and burst into fits of laughter
by Tucker and Tom August 7, 2007
Zach Cregger is a comedian/actor/writer best known as part of the Whitest Kids U'Know comedy troupe, which was also a hilarious comedy-sketch show on Fuse that has since been canceled (those bitches). He is super funny and completely gorgeous, and while dating the unfairly hot chick who played Cora in Music and Lyrics (fuck you it's 2am and I have work tomorrow I'm fucking tired I'm NOT looking that shit up). After a fire/grill incident while on vacation, his junk was badly burned and is now marbled in color. Incredibly handsome and talented, he is a versatile actor and comedian, playing both male and female roles in WKUK sketches.
( While watching WKUK dvds) "Who's the sexy guy in drag that Sam just felt up?"

"Zach Cregger, pass the bowl."

"He's FINE."

"As fuck; they're all cute. Now seriously, pass the bowl."

"Hahaha, remember Sublime?"

by SpicyDave69 July 22, 2013
When you have a job to do, to get it done right away.
Mark and Fadiya told us that they wanted to start their family immediately after their wedding, so they creggered it. Congrats.
by Creggerpregger July 31, 2017