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Lacking judgement, or concern for privacy or confidentiality, or for another person's feelings. CREET is an Old English word resurrected, it is the opposite of DisCREET, and has come back to destroy it's double-negative replacement InDisCREET as being needlessly long, redundant and irrelevant!
Kelly came out of the closet to Terry, and wanted what was shared to remain confidential. But Terry was very creet about it, and told everyone at the High School.
by Connie Lynn Guist November 24, 2006
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An offensive name calling word such as dickhead, asshole, fucker, etc.
Also can be used as a substitute for curse words.
Guy 1: "Yo, look at Tim over there, trying to get it with random girls again."
Guy 2: "I know right, what a fucking creet"
by Creet Fappin' February 12, 2015
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creeeeeeeet with an invisible c

The world is a combination of tc and cree. This world has a very deep connotative meaning. It can't be expressed in the english language but we can make an attempt at it. It can be used to say that a person is interesting or strange and does silly things. These things are very random and show alien qualities. People who are creet usually have an aurora they you can feel. You can't describe it. It attracts people toward that person. Creets are rarely found in the southern part of the world. They tend to eat a lot and have sudden bursts of energy that scare you. Creet can be a little crazy sometimes and eat trees. A characteristic shared by all creets is that they don't stay in one place. If they do so they will explode. This would be devistating and create a 9.0 earthquakes. Certain creets have weight issues but most don't.

The attempt to explain creet or tree was not very good.
creet can be used interchangebly with tree
by ngan January 08, 2005
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