Another word for chemical relaxers (perms). Black women use straightening products that must be retouched every 6 to 8 weeks, and become reliant on them, like a crackhead to crack.
Sista 1: Girl, I gotta go to the shop every Saturday to get my hair did.

Sista 2: Why don't you cut off that creamy crack and go natural!
by MicaD December 20, 2005
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The unnerving sensation that you feel when a mix of anal leakage, sweat and shame collect in your ass crack while you are just trying to live your life in peace. Also referred to as mud butt.
I drank two 40s of Old E last night and ate 12 White Castle rat burgers. Now this creamy crack won't quit and it is making me suicidal.
by Mad Squabbs July 27, 2017
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