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Metaphorical pants that infuse the wearer with feelings of crankiness. The level of crankiness depends on the tightness of the pants.
Alex, chill bubba, seriously, how tight are your crankypants today?
by senorgato July 15, 2006
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A person who is cranky on a regular basis over stupid things. They are not angry, just cranky.
My boss can be a real crankypants.
by Janet S. March 15, 2006
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A person who after 7pm becomes so irritable and butthurt that they become snippy little children.
Non Cranky Person- "What's the matter bro, aren't you gonna come by after work"

**45 minutes of waiting for a reply**

Cranky pants - "Do you even lift brah? Some people work for a living and can't answer at your every beckon call."

"Dude it's 7:30, grow a dick and stop being a cranky pants."
by Anti-wang January 02, 2013
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a type of rather unsociable fellow who spends his miserable life saving his farts in milk bottles and putting on puppet shows with his penis.
don't get too near that cranky pants, you might catch something.
by crank meister December 04, 2006
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