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yo' dog, im moving out my hizzle into crackerville

the crackers live in crackerville
by Dasha January 19, 2004
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A town, area, or city that mostly consists of ignorant, typical white people.

Or just a town with all white people and no minorites.
The place is a fucking Crackerville!

I have to live in a town with a least 1 minority.

I can't stand living in a place surrounded by white people.
by thetolkenwhiteguy August 30, 2009
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The place that crackheads go to avoid life. It is a place in their minds, or what is left of them. It is a place free of flashing lights and police sirens. The only way to get them to venture out of crackerville is to say, "I'm takin the last hit."
He's is crackerville again, shit
by AmberGood April 22, 2006
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