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1) a civilazation that has lived underground for 1,000 years
2) disquised as the "Queer Eye for a Straight Guy" guys
3) tastes like crab, talks like people
by Eddy October 23, 2003
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a species of child-sized, cave-dwelling crustaceans who have lived underground for thousands of years and plan to regain their stronghold on the surface by converting the men of our planet into whiny shopaholic pussies by having them emulate the metrosexual lifestyle seen on their fruitcake makeover show, "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"
Dr. ZoidBerg, the doctor on Futurama, who is accepted among the humans another thousand years in the future
by White Guy from Seattle November 23, 2003
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the genus of the current first captain of the united states corps of cadets....monotone voice and a quest for world domination are markers of this species
crab people...crab people...taste like crab, talk like people
by Bobby Jones the third November 28, 2007
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Crabpeople live on Mars. They eat cottagecheese. Crabpeople spend all their time on MSN because they're idiots. They like to listen to Nelly, and Bette Middler techno remixes.
by Jayboss May 29, 2005
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It is assumed Crab people have lived underground or inside the queer eye for the straight guy men. That is incorrect. In fact the Crab People simply evolved to look, smell, and seem human, but they are not. Really, they are just any annoying person with something shoved their respective bungholes.
Did you hear Sarah Palin's response about death Panels? She must be a crab people

Greg is such a niggardly crab people
by Eskimo Rasta Salad Bro January 31, 2010
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