1. (noun) A lazy cowboy who neglects their duties on a farm or ranch.

2. (noun) A rural person in an urban environment, such as an office, who's mannersisms are notably different, less competitive, and often performed at a slower pace than the urbanites. The term may be used in either an endearing or insulting way.

3. (verb) The act of pressing one's finger against a domesticated bovine for the purpose of testing the quality of meat or just for fun. Usually the index finger is used.

4. (noun)(slang) A male person with a tendency to have sex with only overweight females.
1. "Umm...Ma? I saw the cowpoke fishing at the river with no pants on I think."

2. BOSS: Hey, cowpoke. I need 25 copies of this report.
COWPOKE: You're funny, Mister Wilson. I like you.
BOSS: Actually, I'm serious. I need them before the staff meeting.
COWPOKE: Well. I'll see what I can do. Heh heh heh.

3. Leanne secretly watched Andy as his cowpokes seemed like more than just cowpokes lately.

4. After picking him up from his mom's motel room that morning, Bennie surprised Jay by calling him a cowpoke.
by Mickey Nation October 13, 2007
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a desparate cowboy who is willing to sleep with anybody.. (not precluding cows)
Cowpoke was so desperate that he woke up next to a fat bitch
by ¡Bo8! September 7, 2003
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(verb) The act of (typically homosexual) cowboy-on-cowboy sexual intercourse.
PERSON 1: "You'd think that the North Dakota State University 'Saddle and Sirloin Club' would be accustomed to cowpoking."

PERSON 2: "Yeah, I'm sure that all their members have engaged in a little cowpoke at one time or another."
by RK6 March 28, 2008
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having everyone want to get with you
cause your so fine
damnnn that girls so cowpoke
by KKRISTEN April 4, 2007
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A term used when the horses are in the back.
Dutch: we need munehhh

Arthur: that’s enough cowpoke!
by -The horse is the back April 23, 2019
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Noun; Typically refers to a Cowboy or Cowgirl, seriously or jokingly.
Robert: I saw a Cowpoke working on a ranch earlier today
Patrick: Cool
by TyeTheGuy75 May 9, 2020
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