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A silly way to say coincidence, meaning two or more occurances that happen, seemilngly, by chance.
It was a cowinky-dink that we both had the same favorite restraunt written down on the survey.
by Leashie Peashie January 24, 2009
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This is a famous quote by a character on the TV show: King of the hill. It means basically coincidence in slang.
Shea: I have a peanut butter sandwich too!
Linnea: What a cowinkydink!
by I'm Muffin!!!! Not you! May 12, 2006
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The sound that was made when the sperm met the egg and created Dana Sanblahblah
When Danas parents were in the moment all of a sudden "Cowinkydink"
by Faith23 August 10, 2008
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