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An intentional lack of regard for danger or negative consequences to strategically help yourself. Using cowboyitis is a cunning tactic to provide self gain.
Sales Work Environment:

Client is avoiding purchase a product

James (sales rep): Why is it you do not want to buy this product?

Clay (customer): Cuz' man, this is expensive

James (now irritated after working with this client for 30 mins): Look man, this is the best of the best and there is no other place you can get this product. You either purchase it today or walk away and feel unsatisfied every time you look at women.

Clay (shocked but not offended): Ok you have a point, I'm not going to wait to make this purchase anymore. Ring me up

James completes the order and walks to Melissa, his sales manager.

Melissa: Give me a high five James, Great Job. That was pure Cowboyitis! Did not know you had that quality.
by ClayHammer November 03, 2017
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Thinking you're a cowboy who grew up away from your true home out west, and being irritated with the way that your environment doesn't prove that you're a cowboy.
Some people found his cowboyitis as irritating as he found that he got about dealing with people.
by NobodyGuy May 06, 2020
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Feeling like somebody owes you a cowboy hat nine sizes too big for your time and effort, that money isnt enough.
His/her cowboyitis would outlast the coronavirus, or even a plague.
by NobodyGuy May 06, 2020
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