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Courville is the sir name of a family who resided in the area of Courville France located in the middle part of France, They now live all over the world including Canada and in the southern part of the US. The name of Courville is also said to be related to different types of Myth or lore that involves vampirism and or curses of love. It is said that the more you fall in love with a Courville the more you will hate them. Also it is said that if you fall in love with a Courville you are doomed to be in love with them forever but unable to be with them.
Stay away from that boy he's a Courville! Courville's are cursed! They are the spawn of vampires and succubi!
by Mr háñdsòme August 13, 2015
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adj; used to describe someone who has lots op pimples on there face, and is too lazy to wash their face to get rid of them. Past tense: Courvilled
Guy: "My face has been courvilled!"

Girl: "Yah it is, just wash your face..."
Guy: "....Nah... they'll go away eventually"
by blablabla12345678910 November 18, 2011
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