A type of archangel that was born with the power of darkness and vantablack wings. Usually known as a rare omen that means young death or one without light.
Guy 1: What’s your favorite mythical creature?

Guy 2: Oh mines probley a corrupted.
Guy 1: Oh so like a fallen angel?
Guy 2: Nah fallen angels got their powers taken from them and gets nerfed, a corrupted is born with powers of darkness.
Guy 1: Oh sweet
by xanderxstar November 17, 2020
A dark skinned quick moving entity with vibrant red eyes and a non moving smile with the same texture and description as it's eyes.

Most known for capturing humans and converting them
Is that a corrupted?
by Gamertommy18 October 8, 2022
A gang that's well known in Vietnam for its brutality and killing of people during the past years.
This gang is overlooked by a single female leader, which is presented in many districts. They hide among the public and is usually not noticeable. They are known to be cold- blooded and brutal in all of their missions and leaves no traces behind, but terror and nightmares.
This gang is among one of the most fearful gangs in Vietnam, along with some other unnamed smaller ones, especially the one that was known for the killing of a Drug Dealer's daughter by raping and dumping her body into a pool full of cement in 2019.
"I want to be a part of the Corrupted Death Gang."
"No. You want to see therapy."
by Hector Beach October 29, 2021
"Corruption" is defined as the Best YouTuber. MrGill is bad.
"Corruption is the best channel ever fam."
by Corruption420 October 24, 2019
noun. - A group of Prime Ministers.
The Corruption of Conservative Prime Ministers is making its way through Parliament.
by InSaNe61 September 13, 2022
A demonic furry cat that has no dress sense. An edgy kid. The edgiest fucking kid. You'll cut yourself on the edge. His eyebrows are on point tho. They're amazing.

Don't forget that he is a closet dildo collector.
Emo Cunt: wow look at corrupt soul over there... I wanna piece of that dat pussycat dikk~ X3
Me: He has no Penis.
by Sc4rF4ceTheGod October 22, 2017