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A portmanteau of correct and rectify.

To correctify something means to obsessively nitpick over details which in the pointy-headed purist's mind are so torturously annoying that he can't help but speak up about it. The significance of such details, however, is pure truthiness.

A behavior commonly associated with period nazis in the SCA and other medieval-recreation societies and LARPs.
Madus as they are used in the Amtgard LARP are hardly recognizable as "actual" madus, yet you'll often see players correctifying each other about what "real" madus should look like.
by MatthiasFW April 22, 2008
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To resolve, combination of verb form of 'correct' and 'rectify'. As heard on the Jerry Springer show
Correctify me if i'm wrong.....
by Durwood254 February 17, 2004
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