corperal bhad ...bhad is the term for for, people a&sowners and have a nokia 8600 lunar and always brag about it
hows it goin corp ..long time no see... whats the lunar sayin?
by Kais.Patel December 07, 2007
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In modern times, marching band for people too stupid to spell properly - or care enough to use a spellchecker. Such people are usually woefully ignorant about a lot of other things too. Sometimes this is due to the presence and influence of mediocre teachers, purported leaders and even predators who use children for reasons of sexual or financial exploitation. All of these are very bad signs of something no one decent should want to be involved with. Amusingly for "corp" critics, "corp" is also the abbreviation (without the period) for corporation - and corporate exploitation is often one of the reasons for the ignorance and lack of care such mispellings reflect.
The use of the terms "drumcorps", "drumcorp", "drum corp" and "corp" are all signs of ignorance and a lack of respect for drum corps, drum and bugle corps and other genuine marching musical history.
by songspirit November 19, 2006
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To scold, admonish, punish, or throw in jail.

To tease or to hurt.
To rat someone out.
"Hey man, you can't corp us for skating on public property"

"They corped Johnny for dealin last week"
by John Saras June 08, 2007
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The sticky covering coating the walls and floors in a club, named after the extremely sticky black covering found in Corporation Sheffield, it's made up of alcohol, paint, sweat (and other bodily fluids) and grease
by pinstripedbassist March 06, 2011
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Litle food like cookies that is free in many big companies
Sergey was eating corp corn for a dinner
by overwriter June 02, 2011
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These are military troops who do a desk job rather than deploy into the field.
As the Sergeant aged he became increasingly pleased with plans to join the Chairborne Corps instead of an Airborne battalion.
by I, Wreckerrr May 29, 2021
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