A brand of ice cream...never heard about the 'other' meaning, lewis.

They're ad campaign is pretty damn good.
"Mmm, what I wouldn't give for a cornetto!"
by kitee October 25, 2004
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A brand of ice-cream vended in the UK and surrounding areas that is also a term for a long and agile penis.
Sit on my cornetto
I cornetto'd that bitch
by Lewis April 22, 2003
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A Conical-shaped dildo, that is kept in the freezer
Just one Cornetto, put it in theee! Deliscious Ice cream, in your pusssseee!
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
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meaning "Convenience Store", generally the type run by a person of Indian origin.

The reason for this usage is due to the film "Shaun of the Dead", where Shaun asks Ed if he wants anything from the shop, to which he replies "cornetto". The shop that Shaun then visits is a stereotypical representation of a cornetto.
Anything from the cornetto?
Yeah, a cornetto!
by Ryan Drake May 26, 2008
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A legandary trilogy of films is "shaun of the dead", "Hot fuzz" and "The worlds end" in each film Stars the same two characters Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and occasionaly some other characters that have been in one the cornetto trilogy film and appear in the others, each film has a different theme and genre, for example "shaun of the dead": a zombie appocalypse, "hot fuzz": a bunch of failure policemen, apprart form one (simon pegg) who doesn't know how to switch off, and "the worlds end" a bunch of succsesful men appart form one (simon pegg) who doesn't know how to grow up, all go on a pub crawl around their old childhood town "newton haven". In each trilogy there is always some sort of tragedy or happening going on through the films I reccomend you see all the films back to back, in each film you will hear many quotes that are used quite often through out the trilogy's, most people I know have seen the movies and use the quotes too and we most deffinatly use them in my house hold!
Quotes from each "cornetto trilogy":

Shaun of the dead:

Ed: lenny says that winchester rifle is real

Shaun: yeah well lenny also says dogs can't look up

*later on in the movie ed uses the rifle against the zombies and it works.

Ed: see, what did I tell you?!?...

Shaun: yeah ok you were right but dogs can look up

Hot fuzz:

The andy's: every one and their mums is packin roun ere...

Nicholas angel: like who?

The andy's: farmers

Nicholas angel: and ?....

The andy's: farmers mums...

Another quote form hot fuzz

Danny: have you seen point break?

Nicholas: no!

Danny: bad boys two???

Nicholas: no!!

Danny: * freezes in shock* you aint seen bad boys two?!?!

The worlds end:

"Let's boo boo"

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Oh fuck off you big lampshade"
"Why don't you get back in your spaceship and fuck of back to legoland you cunt!!!"
"To errr is human ..... So .... Errrr!!!
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Another way of saying taste my hairy creamy cock
"Get ya lips round my hairy cornetto"
"Phwor she gave my hairy cornetto a right good licking"
by AB342018 January 3, 2018
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