part of the jackson court hotel in Dublin city, a nightclub which stays open until 4am.

Quite possibly the best place in the world, where magic happens and everyone is looking for the shift.

No-one has ever had a bad night in here!

can be used as an adjective either as in i was "coppered" the other night....
Where wer u last night?
I was in Coppers,

wher u drunk last night?
Yesh i was coppered
by CuzImAfReeBiiitchBaby May 20, 2010
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The 29th element with the symbol Cu and a beautiful pink-orange hue. Copper is a huge multi-tasker metal, with decorative, industrial, plumbing, electronic, and culinary uses, making it extremely useful in everyday life. Most of its practical applications make use of Copper's availability and conductivity. It is widespread in many countries, and is easily accessible. Copper is also the 2nd most conductive metal. In addition to being common and a great transmitter, it is very soft, allowing it to be bent into many different shapes easily. However, as good as Copper may seem, it is chemically reactive in the air, quickly developing a black tarnish that ruins the orange-y hue that many people love. It is also too soft; requiring the support of other metals for strength. The name "Copper" comes from the Latin "Cuprum", meaning "from the island of Cyprus". The Romans discovered that this metal was abundant on Cyprus, and mined large quantities of it.
Copper is an outstanding metal in terms of uses and applications.
by CHNOPS July 8, 2020
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A sexual act done by two Jews or lover of pennies. Involves putting pennies in ur partners asshole.
Rabbi 1: did u get off last night?
Rabbi 2: of course me and my wife tried coppering
by Bigpeepeejew January 4, 2017
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Copper is the hottest chick around. She’s a funny person to be around and loves drugs. You will never be bored around her. She also has a nice ass.
“Wow! Have you seen that Copper chick?”
“Yeah, the one with the nice ass?”
by Whatsupssssssssss January 9, 2020
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The taste of a girl's genitals according to a guy.
You may encounter the taste of copper when performing oral sexual acts on any female's genitals.
by stevoso August 21, 2011
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