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A babyish way of saying hello to anyone. You parents may say this to you aswell in order to annoy you because they think it's funny
Mom: Cooweeeeeeeeee!

Son: *sigh of humiliation*
by pruneo July 26, 2011
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The word you call when your boss has vanished to the toilet and is delayed returning for a meeting because they’ve gone for a dump.
“Where’s the boss? She’s been gone for ages and I’m supposed to be meeting with her like 10 minutes ago!”

“Mate, she’s coowee


“The boss has been ages, what’s he up to?”

“Cooooooweeeeeee! Been there all day, think it’s the eye drops!”

“Thought as much, hope he’s taken his tights off! Don’t want another Tina Squit situation!”
by Asitisinnit July 05, 2018
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