A drinking town with a baseball problem.
Lets go to Cooperstown to see the Cardiff Giant...
by lennonite June 12, 2006
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A place worth getting away from. However, a high percentage of the teenagers that grow up here eventually move back later in their life.
Seventeen Year Old: "I'm going to college and never looking back."
Fifteen Years Later: "Cooperstown was kid-friendly. I should raise my family there."
by collegebound69 March 31, 2011
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Begin anal sex with recipient in standing position, recipient’s head by her feet. Remove penis, insert whiffle ball bat. Charge folks money to toss rings over the exposed end of the bat and offer prizes to those who get ringers.
I charged $5 for three rings during the Cooperstown Carnival my girlfriend and I threw last night.
by HuskerHammer January 20, 2022
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