Said to someone when they need to chill the hell out
Guy 2: Bro, coolit
by jimaniza November 21, 2009
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Alternate word for chill and or hanging out
Dude lets just go by the dock and coolit.
by Eddie Huckoby April 13, 2007
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When a person is “cool” and “lit” they are considered coolit
person one- yo you see that dude over there?
person two- yea man he’s fucking coolit
by Landen Mosbauer February 24, 2019
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Adjective; usually describing a day, event or person. Having very distinct but minute irritating qualities but still somehow able to be described as cool
Kishantay: "how was your day" Marvin : "i ate and shit it was coolitating"

kishantay: "you mess with lisa?" Marvin : "not really she coolitating as hell, and meagan yamp ass too"
by Rickynovember November 30, 2011
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