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Verb describing the act of a person using mentholated cough suppressants or alternative mint candy( such as Halls or Altoids)as an enhancer in oral sex. The person sucks on the menthol and 'gives' oral sex. A blowing further enhances the effect.
woman: " Do you want me to cooj tonight"
man : "yes, I would love that"
by M Simon February 20, 2008
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Lytollis is such a cooj.

I could see her cooj.

Please enter my wet cooj, I'm ready.
by Dr Jhonson March 24, 2010
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The act of a dumbass person (who does not use T9)and is trying to say "cool" in a text message.
"I think I just saw Mowgli."
"That's cooj man"
by Shalomboy January 23, 2009
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Derived from the Black word "Cooji" which means the same as the white word cool, "cooj" is the word a white teenager uses to appear more black and thus cooler.
person 1:"Hey you excited for that Bass Nectar concert on friday?"
person 2:"Yea man it's going to be cooj"
by Paparudskeez April 05, 2011
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