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Mouth activity placed on a female's lower region of the body.
I'm just trying to get some coochie smoochies in 2018.
by dr. sleez May 01, 2018
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Refers to where a guy inserts just the head of his lulu into a girl's "downstairs mouth" and slides it in and out a few times so that his lulu gets "kissed" by her "lips". Often employed when a gal is either on her period or in a hurry to leave, and thus "regular" intercourse would not be appropriate at that time.
Girl, gently pushing her guy’s chest back as he’s crawling on top of her: Not right now, Hunny --- I’m feeling kinda tired and achy this evening.
Guy: Oh, okay, Sweetie --- but could Lulu just have a coochie-smoochie?
Girl: Ummmmm… I dunno, Buddy-boy --- I know all about Lulu’s “coochie smoochies” in the past… oh, sure, you **say** that it’s only gonna be that, and maybe that IS indeed how it starts out at first, but then we start kissing and giggling and fooling around, and Lulu goes in a little deeper… then we progress to snuggling and feeling each other up… and Lulu pushes a little deeper still… we keep making out and Lulu gradually works his way in even deeper… one thing leads to another, and eventually it ceases to just be a “coochie smoochie” and turns into a full-blown LULU-ING SESSION!
by QuacksO August 17, 2018
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