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A kinky fake ass bitch who cries over seen zoning
Here comes ziyab
by narin November 21, 2021
jacky and paras are GOOD with the ladies (dude, dont ask me why.. but they are ok!) and so they needed a word to emphasize how much the ladies wanted them. it grew out of one of their male bonding bus journeys, when jacky and/or paras started empahsising the a's in bad, when describing how a girl wanted the other and their voices grew deeper and deeper.

how does she want you?

(1 b, 3a's, 2d's)
jacky said to paras: she wants you baaadd

paras said to jacky: she wants you baaadd

jackys sister said to jacky: she wants you bad
jacky said to his sister: its spelt with 3 b's and 2 d's, man
by narin January 26, 2005
when people all meet in one place for something
the hippies converged on san francisco
by narin June 4, 2004