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complaints that are completely trivial stated in an almost apocalyptic manner
I'm completely out of personal bank space and I have all available upgrades.
In the near 3 years I've been playing my main toon, I've garnered an enviable collection of epic and named gear.

Unfortunately with the new packs and so much btc on equip I no longer have the room to keep anything.
I cant even TR right now as was my plan because of the lack of storage.
No. I'm not throwing away items like that. I would rather stop playing and just let the account sit.
So where does that leave me?

Unable to advance any further due to "of all the stupid things" storage space.
You want to sell us all kinds of "stuff" that you think we want but neglect the things we actually need.
You've released far too many packs and gear without any increase in storage and it's not new news.
So.... you'd best come up with a plan soon or you'll end up with at least 1 less paying customer.
Yes I enjoy the game but if your making it impossible for me to play then whose fault is that? Someone on your staff is slipping badly. I'm being contubulant.
by MaximumPotty December 15, 2012
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