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A rapper who keeps it 100, he doesn't give you a flashy show with bells and whistles, and he doesn't brag about how much money he has. No spinning rims none of that. A conscious rapper is someone who is REAL, I mean REAL REAL. no corny one liner bars, no cute lil plays on words, nothing commercial, The Only two REAL Conscious rappers I could think of to give you a good example, would have to be Eminem (Marshal Mathers from Detroit Michigan) and Vance Flex (Chad Carman from Rochester New York)
Commercial Rapper: "When it Waynes it pours!" "I got 26 toilets I can shit all day nigga!" < lil Wayne
"you a stupid ho, you, you a stupid ho" < Niki Manaj

Conscious rapper "lose yourself in the music the moment you own it" < Eminem
"Elaborate the empathy, Love is the answer, Truth is the remedy" < Vance Flex
by Thedudettewiththefacts July 18, 2013
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