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Ginja Stix is the name of a rapper originally from Nelson County, Virginia. Ginja Stix is a reference to being a redhead (Ginja) and being from the country (Stix). The name was coined by Mad Lion after hearing the inconsistent rhyme stylings of the rapper formally known as ElevevetionSon a.k.a Quality One a.k.a Golden Boy a.k.a J-Mile a.k.a Ninja Military a.k.a GoldBeard. His rhyme style varies from conscious rap to vulgar rap to reggae-tone to trip hop. His biggest hit was Worldwide Country-fyde off his 3rd Album. He recently did a video dis track responding to Marcus Million, a Brooklyn rapper.
"I'm on crack and diet pills,
I'm cut like a knife feels," - Ginja Stix

I got that Ginja Stix blinging across my wrist,
by ElevateOne April 22, 2011
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