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1. Going beyond the bounds of "emo" and "metro", urban emo is defined by being conscious of the sensitive side of a person, but not entirely emo, as well as being fashionable and understanding of the self-conscious physical attributes of hte person.
The urban emo man dressed very attractively and was very suceptible musical influences to change his mood.
by Pookie June 21, 2005
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Urban Emo's or Urban Goths are people whom combine the two dressing styles; Urban and Emo(or Gothic). Often skaters dress like this.

Emo's often wear black nails, Make-up, fingerless gloves, studded bracelets, studded belts, Plugs as Earrings.

Skaters often wear very baggy shirts and pants, New Era-style caps, Vanz (sneakers)

There wasn't a name for this style yet, so Urban Emo is a nice name.
Michael: Hey look at that guy! He wears the saggy clothes of a rapper and the accesiores of a Emo.

Myers: Oh my god, That must be a Urban Emo, thought to be undefineable!
by Mr. Urban Emo October 28, 2007
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