A man who is usually chill. He's more of an indoor type of guy, and he loves playing video games. He can be pretty clueless sometimes... but he can also be a really sweet guy when he wants to. Generally really tall and handsome.
Wow, that man is hot! He must be a Connal.
by SC1129 February 28, 2016
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to touch one self or others (esp women) in an inappropriate sexual way in public
I feel like having a Connal
Ha! You just got Connaled
by p4ul April 13, 2008
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1. The act of masturbation.
2. An inappropriate display of affection.


1. To perform sexual acts upon ones self in an enclosed but inappropriate space.
2. To touch another person of either sex in a way that is both inappropriate and unwanted.
3. Used in a sarcastic sense when that person refuses a hug or other basic emotional act.
“I am just off for a Connal
“He gave me a Connal”

"I just found XXXXXX Connaling in the toilet"
"He went for a quick Connal"

Eww, don’t Connal me”
“…and he just started Connaling her!”

“Stop Connaling her”
“Haha, She doesn’t want a Connal”

by Definer of Connaling April 15, 2008
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A sweet girl that can move on from a guy in a blink of an eye. She’s sensitive and sweet. If you get your hands on a connally don’t let her go. She’s beautiful on the inside and out.
Joe: did you see that beautiful girl over there
Cooper: ya she’s probably a connally
by Slinkier May 24, 2019
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The greatest person in this universe. He is a hell of a hit with the ladies, they just pounce on him like a lion on a zebra. He is an outstanding fullback for O.W.R.F.C and should be the first team captain when he is old enough. Last but not least... he absolutely awesome.
"Connall, the person who plays fullback for O.W.R.F.C"

"Connall, the best looking lad in Gutho"

"Connall, the guy with the £100 tie"
by James Bond 00000007 January 29, 2014
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Connal is a person with a massive dick, connal's are usually very chill and like spongebob.
Wow Connal, you really do like spongebob!
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a fetish where a person frequantly wants the act of connaling to be done to them by a connal - (EXTREMELY RARE) only has been one case
i wish someone else would peform connaling on me instead of me doing it to them. yay i have a connal fetish
by p4ul April 17, 2008
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