A noob from Australia, with a squeaky voice, and A Talent for annoying other people. Known for saying things such as "I'm bringin' the Thunder beatdown!", "You use cheat codes", and gibberish.
Me: Please... SHUT UP...
Conman: I'll beat you at SvR 08

*5 minutes later*

Me: <_<
by Live2Die989 May 27, 2008
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the awesomest and rockinest guy in the history of awesome and rockin people.
the conman is so rockin
by brie "the conman" connors October 2, 2004
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a gay guy that claims to be a big artist to attract attention, a homosexual with blonde hair and lives in California,
I was watching videos on a conman that claimed to have been dating kim kardashian even though they are 8 years apart.
by Drogo Baggins February 22, 2011
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Nickname of NBA player, Mike Conley (Grizzles).
“Did the conman really just drop 30 and 10 again”

“Well that’s the classic conman”
by Skittle2301 May 30, 2019
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A person who goes to a busy tourist area (normally in the centre of a major city)who illegally sets up a game or challenge for passersby to play for money which is impossible for them to win and only he can do it(don't know how he just does)
Passerby 1:oh look a street game of ride the bike in a strait line.........passerby friend:yaa it only cost £10 but if you ride it strait you'll get £110 back let me go first.............conman:that will be £10 remember to ride the bike down the chalk line.......passerby's friend:oh ohhh ohhhhhhh it keeps going to the side..........passerby 1:OK my turn..........conman responds:remember to hold the handle bars steady.......conman street entertainer...
by accepted December 27, 2013
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