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A tribe of rednecks that like to think they are badass and like to do stupid shit. They're village is located in the southern, economically collapsed part of Palm Bay, Florida..which is called the compound. You may spot one of these uneducated, fucked up individuals at Heritage High School, or Bayside High School. Their choice is usually a BuckedUp jacket with blue jeans and big ass redneckified boots..or some random ass shit they can find on their dog's bed. WARNING: Do not try to approach one of them. They do not speak proper english and will surround you immediatley if you approach.
Tyrone: *approaches female compounder* Aye yo, wassup gurl!

Compounder: done betta get you ass outta heuh before we tie you to a trailer hitch of my 4 wheel drive chevy and drag you down the road like dukes of hazzard and a cow tongue!

Tyrone: Nigga! *pulls out uzi and starts popping off rounds*

Compounders: Awww Shit! *jumps in their old ass trucks and speeds down DeGroodt towards the compound*
by Nig'Nig Laqueefa Gillig December 13, 2013
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