When someone tries to ease the blow of a criticism by delivering it between two insincere compliments.
Scot: "Liza, I love your hair. Your work sucks. Where did you get that sweater?"
Liza: Thanks for the compliment sandwich, Scot.
by Liza B. February 9, 2008
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This is a technique used in the corporate world to masque an insult and make it pallatable for your audience. Specifically you begin your criticism with a compliment follow up with your criticism/insult and then end with a compliment or something favorable about your audience.
"Your firm is in the top tier for the second year in a row and only 6 firms out of 52 are named to the top tier . You did an excellent job. (The Criticsim/Insult) However, you can still improve, we are rolling out personal development plans and every person is going to be expected to improve over the next year. (Ending Compliment) Keep up the great work... here, we got you some pizza!" That is a compliment Sandwich.
by Corporate nobody January 11, 2008
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The use of strategically placed compliments to buffer an otherwise abrasive remark. These compliments should surround the unpleasant remark, preventing the recipient of the compliment sandwich from becoming insulted.
"Hey, congrats on the new car it looks great! We should defintely joy ride this weekend! Maybe I could get that 10 dollars you owe me while were at it! You're gonna look so cool in this car I can feel it!"

"I just wanna thank everyone for the great effort they put in last saturday to really make things a success. Please stop parking in the faculty lot, or you will be fired. Also, I would like to say you're all doing a phenomenal job so far this year!"

"whoa... I should feel insulted right now... did I just get a compliment sandwich?"
by reid b May 5, 2009
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An adaptation of the more pristine definition but of a sexual nature; To have intercourse between blow jobs, where the man pulls out and cums in his partner's mouth for the ending blow job.
My day was so stressful and my boss tore up my month long TPS report. I really need a compliment sandwich tonight.
by Gdog95 April 21, 2017
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When you receive criticism followed by an insincere compliment, usually at a job review. Done when someone gets so upset after criticism that they are pacified with a "compliment" in order to shut them up.
Chris was mad because his job review was terrible, so his boss made up a random compliment to make him feel better. Chris did not fall for this Open-Faced Compliment Sandwich and remained angry. Grrr.

See also: Compliment Sandwich.
by xarasia October 16, 2013
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an insult that is put in between two compliments to lessen the blow; also known as a back handed compliment.
Shannon: hey emily, i really like your new haircut!
Emily: oh really, thanks!
Shannon: yeah it doesn't make your face look as fat
Emily: .....?
Shannon: yeah it looks hot though!

-later that day-

Hannah: hey emily did anyone say anything about your hair?
Emily: well, yeah shannon did, but it was a total sandwich compliment
by messylessy September 28, 2009
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A complement sandwich is when you have a negative thing to tell someone, but you sandwich it between two complements.
My boss came up to me today and said "I love your tie! You suck at your job. Great catch at the softball game!"

Thanks for the compliment sandwich, jerk.
by MacPherson McFly July 1, 2021
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