perk in cod mw2 that lets you jump off stuff without busting your ass. if you didn't know that your a n00b or don't play the game, in which case you wouldn't need to know this anyway and you just wasted your time like some asshole.
You "Bye mom, I'm going out"
Mom "Where are you going?"
You "In the alley behind walmart to shoot some heroine"
Mom "WHAT? No mister you're staying home!"
You "But moooooomm! All of my friends do it!"
Mom "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?
You "Yea, if I was using commando pro."
Bob "How did Mark die again?"
Jim "He got really wasted and jumped off the 17th story in his apartment building. He thought he was in modern warfare 2 and was using commando pro."
Bob "He was probably using steady aim."
by thekillingspree69 March 28, 2010
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Commando Pro is one better than commando. If you go commando you go without underwear, to go commando pro you let everyone know by having your flies undone. For maximum effect go for discrete public exposure.
(Whilst walking in Nicholson's Centre):

Wife: Why's that girl giving you a horrid look like she's sucking a lemon?
You: Don't worry, I must have forgotten to do my zip up and you know I'm commando.
Wife: You mean commando pro
by eneville August 8, 2010
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When a russian rubs his balls on a pair of jeans so much, that steaming, hot cum shoots out.
Oh dude, i went russian commando pro on my girlfriend's face last night and made her go blind
by canshow October 17, 2010
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