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Someone who missed the entire Scooterboy era of the 1980's, but has seen old copies of Scootering Magazine, and tries to copy the whole thing in a sanitised manner, drinking cans of Diet Coke, and saying hello to seaside holiday makers, (once he's unloaded his immaculate scooter from the van), and parked his 'display' up next to the beachside ice-cream van.
On his brand new denim jacket, he'll wear old ebay bought Paddy Smith Rally patches from places he couldn't find on a map, let alone ever visited... He'll never have slept drunkenly in a bus shelter, or gutter in his life.

He'll stay in B&B's.
He'll think Autos are 'cool'.
He'll probably work in an estate agency, will talk total bollocks about being involved in stories he's overheard in 'the Lud' at the IOW comedy mod gathering.
He'll be full of himself, and tons of bullshit.
A clueless Mummy's boy with enough money to have bought a scooter, deludedly thinking he bought the previous life of said scooter, and it's former owners.
He's convinced his own sad little mind that he has covered every mile it's ever been ridden, when it's only ever been ridden along the length of a seafront since it's shop built restoration.
A Comedy Scooterboy will generally be a middle aged socailly inept plonker, of the 'Billy No Mates' kind, trying to fit into a social group he never belonged to, (unconvincingly!!)
A wannabe comedy mod, minus the parka, a few flags and roundels, and a few tons of bolt on metallic tat!
Have you seen that plonker outside the King Lud, trying to convince evryone he rode down to the Isle Of Wight Scooter Rally from Inverness through a blizzard..?? His van's parked round the corner, and his scooter's tyres have never touched the road.... And he's driving licence says he lives in Brighton... What a comedy scooterboy!!

comedy mod
by Oohwallahwallah September 23, 2013
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