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Colquitt is place in South Georgia, also known as the armpit of America, that is filled all kinds of deplorable things. The entire town is run by crooked people. It is a place where Sheriffs get locked up, school boards get fired, and teachers dance on poles. It is not advised to go live there because once you move there you will never get out. It is a place where everybody knows everybody and nobody can be trusted. It is a place where marriages do not last, gossip is gospel, cheating is normal, laws are broken and the police don't care. (As long as you have the right last name) If this sounds appealing to you, I am sure the locals will take you in, steal your wife, and give you the biggest water and tax bill you've ever seen. On the bright side, at least it isn't Donalsonville.
Pull for Colquitt or ...... uh no just pull out.
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by TommyMcMuffins February 22, 2017
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The act of being highly intoxicated by consuming large amounts of alcohol. A euphemism for the term "drunk."
"We are totally going to get colquitt tonight."

"You can't argue with a Colquitt's logic."

"The football coach doesn't like when his players go out at night and drink until they are colquitt."
by Fill Phulmer April 21, 2008
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