1. A person who deliberately discriminates against someone of a certain skincolour. Similar to a racist except physical skin colour is more important than race itself

2. An animator/cartoonist who’s job is to colour in the drawing.

3. A person who colours hair
1. I can’t believe that celebrity liked a post from a colourist!

2. I’m going to need an assistant colourist to help me with this project I’m working on.

3. My cousin is a colourist! Maybe I can book an appointment for you this week.
by Boavka August 27, 2020
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Someone who is against another's clothing colour.
That person descriminating against another's clothing colour they must be colourist.
by Mr. Msbehavior January 1, 2020
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A person who only acknowledges his own colour
“Only fair people allowed in this place”, “why are you being a colourist”?
by Devina Ann April 14, 2021
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A colourist is a person that's into other races rather than thier own!
So your into interracial porno now damn colourist!
by Mix-Race Man On Road October 2, 2019
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COL-OUR-ISTE ( Columbus) (Our ) (History )
post french

pre war OXY MORON

Usually, an artist of differing mediums eg painting /photography /graffiti/ even pottery.
Specialising in extravagant use of colours, or the opposite, to describe those only use blackand or white
from the spectum.

Usually depictions of historical events, or just festival goers, dancing, enjoying the rich pallet of flowers and rainbows.
Or those who depict the same events, discriminating against any colours, with preference to only black and or white.
an oxy moron Doing word pot french
A very plain cold individual without warmth or colours is a colouriste
Jackson Pollockwas a colouriste
normieswho mainly only wear creamyknittwear are colourists
If you wear only black /leathers probably a gothpunkbikerall colouriste
by gingerprawn January 29, 2018
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