Italian last name. There is one town located in Italy with only two last names, one of those names is Colombini. People with this last name are incredibly loud, funny, use their hands way too much, hot, fun, outgoing, talkative, more talkative, you can't shut them up!, they have corny jokes, they are the center of attention. People are always attracted to colombini's. You cannot win when your against a colombini, it is phsyically and mentally impossible.
Girl: UGH, that person! They are so popular! Everyone likes them over me and they have only known them for 2 days!! I've been around for years!
Boy: Yeah well they definitley live up to their name..
Girl: Such a colombini... There's no winning :(

A cute little italian bird that goes by the name of Colombini.
by Barrack Osama Obama April 25, 2011
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Someone so hot EVERYBODY is attracted to them
Peter Colombini is really sexy.
by Peter Frankenstein February 4, 2010
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