A preppy, rich town with many parties of bitching middle school kids where the everyone cheats like there's no tomorrow. Also, a great place to jump off bridges. In the summer a shitload of kids from Scituate go to jump off with their Coho friends. Also called, Coho.
There are many hoes in Coho.
Wow, Bub from Cohasset cheated in a closet.
That british kid, Joe, lives in Coho.
by Beatey! November 04, 2007
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A rich town just south of Boston, that is often thought of as preppy.

Cohasset and Scituate have a rivalry between mostly boys that think they are cool.

Cohasset people aren't preppy, they just arent ghetto like their surrounding towns including Scituate, Hingham, Norwell, Hull, ect.

Everyone in Cohasset absolutely loves to party.

This town consists of preps, wiggas, skanks, the third deffinition of dimes, pot heads and emos.

Cohasset is a great plave to jump bridges in the summer.
High schoolers in Cohasset love partying!

Middle schoolers in Cohasset think they are cool!

Other middle schoolers in Cohasset ruin thier lives and start smoking weed.

"where do we go to jump a bridge?"
by some random kidddd March 15, 2008
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possibly the most beautiful richest girls you could meet. also very slutty, so guys, if you want a great girlfriend, come to cohasset.
aw dude those cohasset girls last night were the besttttt
by richcohassetbitch January 23, 2016
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