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A really disgusting act wherein a man takes dried-up, crumb-like feces and places them on a victim's forehead and crushes them with his dick.
I honestly hope no one has ever performed the sex act known as the coffeegrinder.
by Mr. K May 16, 2004
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to wipe your crusty ass, take the crumbs and put them on someone's forehead. Then grind the crumbs by smacking your penis against their forehead repeatively.
She's hott, she's really hott, she is coffeegrinding hott!
by Anonymous March 20, 2004
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when a man sits on a woman's face and places his anus on the woman's nose and then proceeds to spin around the face making bits and pieces of fecal matter falling off of the anus landing on the woman's face
Guy 1: Dude, last night I was at this party and totally throwed and decided it would funny to spin around on my ass while sitting on some passed out chicks face!

Guy 2: Dude! That's called a coffee grinder, and that's so damn gross!
by TimmyKelso January 10, 2010
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When a man gets down on all fours and a woman strokes his cock while licking his ass at the same time.
Last night i received a "coffee grinder" from this chick.
by Brad B. May 03, 2004
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The act of completing a full 360, while spinning on one hand and yelling "Beans and Cornbread, i said Beans and Cornbread"
"I was practicing my coffeegrinders for jazz, and i tripped over a glass of lemonade"
by Matt Shaud April 25, 2003
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The coffee grinder is the portion of a female's anatomy, also known as the vagina, designed to accept and stimulate the husband's erect penis, so that later on a baby might come travelling down thisbirth canal.
I wouldn't use an internal pad in there my dear because plugging up the coffee grinder can result in toxic shock.
by pamschel March 18, 2006
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