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SKEET! (originally created as a part of an elaborate code system used by lifeguards in the early 21st century)

see skeet
1.) Aww crap! I have code 12 in my hair... again!

2.) Code 12!

3.) Oh gosh... I'm about to code 12.
by lifeguards September 27, 2006
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Clean slate and I’ll buy the first round

That is... all previous shouts or rounds are forgotten and I will get the 'first round' (the next round to be bought)
Tony: Greg, I owe you a beer
Greg: All good - I call Code 12.
by BeeryMcBeer July 23, 2012
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A joke for computer technicians, when helping someone fix a computer related problem.

Code 12 means the problem is 12 inches in front of the screen.
Person 1: "Argh, the internet isn't working. I can't see Google."

Person 2: "We've got a code 12!!!"
by Aaesos March 11, 2014
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Term used to describe a member of the opposite sex that may not be attractive to the majority, but is very attractive to a particular individual.
A: Gina is HOT.
B: Dude, she's a 5 at best.
A: Fine, she's one of my Code 12's.

I know that Christa isn't gonna be in Playboy anytime soon, but she's Code 12 to me.
by Chilkoot Charlie May 29, 2010
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When a female speaks and you want to just slap her across the face with your massive cock because she's so stupid.
Female: "Wait... the Earth is the center of the universe right?"

Man:"CODE 12!!!!"
by Tervor June 15, 2010
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