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n. cum from either male or female that leaves a sweet after taste in the mouth of the recipient. Usually coconut juice is the swallowable cum with no gag effects.
How it went last night with that girl? She told me I tasted sweet, so I let her swallow the coconut juice.
by White-Boy13 September 29, 2008
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A man's semen shot at high velocity toward anothers face and or torso.
My Coconut Juice shoots straight for the grill!
by MBC March 28, 2003
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The juice that Bob Jr. uses to lubricate the balls of one of his many "victims of the lick". The sheer ginormousness of the balls determines the amount of juicidy juicy coconut juice Bob Jr. (aka Van Bobsing) will apply.
"Hey man, I'm gonna..." sha-junk "...lickidy lick lick those scrumdiddlyumptious balls of yours, but first I'm gonna get my coconut juice"

-Bob Jr.
by Uncle Norkadelic May 27, 2004
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