1) COnstructive COst MOdel
2) The finest creation of USC
3) The biggest waste of time and most useless piece of software
4) The most screwed up class at USC teaches how to use Cocomo and how it works
5) An island off the Florida keys
6) Home of the University of Indiana
7) A place where I want to retire to.
8) Land of beautiful palm trees and gorgeous babes.
9) Paradise on earth, why would I live anywhere else
10) One of the few words with so many diverse and different definitions
That's where we wanna go, way down to Cocomo.
by ace April 09, 2004
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Cocomo traditionally means chocolate, or something dealing with chocolate. Cocomo also means brown or something brownish.
"I love cocomo!"
"That girl has a cocomo colored stain on her skirt"
"Daddy? Can I have a cocomo shake?"
by LynnN.H. April 29, 2008
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As in the Beach Boys song where they sing "I wanna go down to Cocomo, Cocomo is another word for a girl or woman's vagina, vulva or pussy. Listen to the the Beach Boy's songs and you will pick out the suttle undertones and meanings.
"Wow, I think I want to go to her Cocomo Bob!" "Yeah, way down in Cocomo man!"

pussy cunt vagina skank pie beaver moon pie pie hair pie bush vulva
by Poonie Pie October 14, 2011
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phrase. Infinitive: To cocomo, Past: Cocomo'ed

To perform oral sex on a female who is menstruating with a tampon by focusing exclusively on the clitoris.

A cleaned up up version of the red beard

The Key: "It's actually not really gross at all.

Now, you obviously can't get into it like you would normally, but you can still get her off just fine."

As defined by the citizens of the best LSU website, Tigerdroppings.
Big Syl was wearing a tampon, but he still managed to get her off by DOING THE COCOMO.

by Karmapolice March 28, 2007
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When you had sex with the same chick as your bro and she’s done coke off your bro’s dick, but your buddy has not had sex with her.
We’re cocomo bros bc I just fucked the girl who did coke off your dick. Dope!
by Cocomo bro December 08, 2019
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