This is what happens to adolescent boys when they sit around doing nothing.

A cockstand is an erection that happens throughout puberty due to the large amounts of androgens floating around the teenager's body. A cockstand can only be remedied by masturbation.
During English class, Missy notices Stephen has what it seems like a hard object sticking up on the frontal section of his pants. Fraught with curiosity Missy asks:
Missy: What's that sticking up on Stephen's pants?
Derrick: He's got a cockstand Missy. (The whole class laughs).
by Lorindel February 06, 2010
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The act of performing a keg stand on one's cock. A friend of the recipient holds the cock stander's feet as they give a blowjob. The audience counts on every neck thrust, and the number is awarded to the recipient of the aforementioned blowjob.
"Okay I am way too drunk to do another keg stand."

"Time for another cock stand Becky! I'm beating 76 this time."
by basedgod69 February 23, 2012
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The act of having a giant cock. A cock so long that when erect you could put it on the ground on a windy day just to hold yourself up. Kind of like a kickstand on a bicycle. In some rare cases tho if is when you go out looking for a mean dick to hop up and down on like a pogo-stick.
Nick: Yo Chris I heard you did a cockstand this weekend, is that true?
Chris: Ya man, its true.
Nick: I dont see where you get enjoyment out of another mans penis...thats gross!
by theycallmeballsdeep March 31, 2009
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