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Fill up a rubber with cum and place in freezer overnight. After freezing takes place, remove rubber for a creamy treat.

A real San Fransisco treat!
Hey Sailor, how bout a nice frosty cocksickle?
by Dirty Pig November 03, 2003
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A dick head jackass that is a mouthy little bastard
God did u see how much of a Cocksickle jazzmines boy friend is
by Barrywood24/7 August 01, 2016
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An icy sickle which was formerly a liquid (usually of bodily origin) that hangs from a cock
Nigel fell asleep masturbating in a freezer and upon awakening found a cock sickle dangling from his penis.
by Wally Petro August 20, 2008
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"You sure are working that body hard miss, would you like my protein filled cocksickle for your post workout sustenance?"
by successfail December 06, 2009
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A frozen but still edible cock....certain males such as olivers,munns's and eddys enjoy cocksickles to relax at the weekend
Guy1-Oh man i just had the tastiest strawberry cocksickle, other guy- Woah venkat you get so much cock
by Oliver munns November 24, 2008
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