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1. A woman with questionable morals who "hops" from cock to cock. See also: slut, ho, hobag, my ex-wife, several of my ex-girlfriends

2. A faggot who obviously has no morals who "hops" from cock to cock.
1. Dude #1: Man, that chick Jamie is some kind of cockfrog. Didn't she give your cock an infection?
Me: Yeah, it was either her or that other cockfrog I was humping.

2. Dude #1: Man, that homo Curt is some kind of a cockfrog.
Me: I wouldn't know, I DON'T PLAY FOR THE PINK TEAM.
by METALHEAD74 May 17, 2006
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a female that can't keep her vagina on just one cock, a tramp, whore, etc. The kinda girl to fuck you and then your friends and then their friends, and possibly decides that she is gay. BUT most of the time, she just fucks everyone.
realist #1: did you hear that Kendra broke up with kevin, and now bob?

realist #2: yeah i did, she's dating Chloe now

realist #1: what!? Chloe's the class whore!!!!

realist #2: i know man.... I know.. shes a cock frog

by roffaltank! October 29, 2008
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