The result of drawing a big dick on a sheet of paper, tearing in to small pieces and then throwing it this way and that; like normal confetti, except with a dick drawing
Person 1: Look! That kid's throwing confetti everywhere. It's like Christmas!
Person 2: Uh, don't get too excited dude, that's cockfetti. That paper was once a dick sketch.
Person 1: Wow, that's let down.
Person 2:...yea, bummer
by kynit September 24, 2008
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Pieces of tissue paper, that remain stuck to the penis after ejaculating into the tisssue and being tardy in removing it.
"Dude, I fell asleep with a tissue on my prick and woke up with cockfetti".
by kjbkjbjkbn February 10, 2011
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